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Parklands High School is a centre of learning excellence. All students and staff are our ambassadors and are instrumental in our community’s perception of the school. Staff are entrusted to provide all students with the opportunity to develop academic knowledge and life skills to enable them to become lifelong learners. Students are encouraged to reach their full potential and aspire to fulfil their goals.
Effective relationships, based on mutual respect and personal responsibility, are the foundation on which our school is built. Students are explicitly taught effective communication, conflict resolution and negotiation skills and take part in decision making via student bodies. We are committed to practising a clear conflict resolution process which is transparent, fair and values student voice.
We have high expectations with a strong work ethic and we encourage everyone to take ownership and responsibility for their own learning. Our teachers have empathy for all students’ interests, circumstances and backgrounds and are committed to improving students’ learning. The school has a systematic plan for assessment and bases improvement in teaching and learning practices on the analysis of a range of data. Our reporting is clear and consistent, giving an up to date and clear picture of each student’s progress.
Every student has the opportunity to succeed at our school. As educators we are committed to providing learning programmes, which are engaging, innovative and utilise targeted, specific and explicit teaching strategies that cater for all abilities and are supported by a flexible and adaptable timetable. Teachers share successes and develop collegiality through a strong feedback culture.
Professional Learning is of a high priority in our school community. Our Professional Development Plans are based on best teaching practice and are revised regularly according to the school community’s needs and the National Professional Standards for Teachers. We are reflective practitioners, who use goal setting, coaching and feedback to improve practice.
Parklands has a strong leadership team, which delegates effectively and staff support each other exercising their duties and treating each other as professionals. Decision making processes are completely transparent and communication lines are open to ensure all staff know what is happening. School leaders place a very high priority on the ongoing professional learning of all staff and on the development of a school-wide, self-reflective culture focussed on improving classroom teaching. There is an emphasis on the team which is built through actively engaging with colleagues both socially and professionally. This supports our belief that a united staff is the strongest way to create a united school. Our passionate, dedicated staff are empowered to voice opinions, ideas and goals, take responsibility and are recognised for their efforts.
At Parklands High School we actively encourage community collaboration. Strategic partnerships with families, local businesses and community organisations are an integral part of our teaching programme. These connections allow us to develop curriculum opportunities for our students within and beyond our school.
Parklands High School… making a difference, every day, for everybody.